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    Welcome to USA Elite Softball!

    Based in the eastern part of NC, we host USA Softball fastpitch tournaments throughout eastern NC and are expanding in to the Mid-West with the 2017 launch of our Aces Wild Showcase at the Deaconnes Sports Complex & Cooper Stadium in Evansville, IN. 

    We have made a ton of improvements to our site to make it easier to navigate as well as find the information you need.  If you are new to USA Softball here in Eastern NC, we offer the absolute best tournament prices in the area along with the highest quality award packages and great opportunities to win some awesome prize packages just for playing with us.  

    There are a lot of rumors out there that playing with USA Softball is hard to do.  Although we do require background checks for coaches,  signing up for tournaments, sanctioning your team, and meeting insurance requirements couldn't be easier.   Each tournament listed on our schedule as a registration link that allows you to sign up and pay your entry fee online.  You can also sanction right here on this web site under the "Team Central" page.  And as far as insurance goes, we accept your teams current insurance but if you need insurance, we can help with that too. 

    To be completely honest though, playing USA Softball Nationals is a task for most teams.  We recognize that.  So as an option to those teams who want to play Elite level events without all the requirements of ACE certification & Individual Player Registration cards, we are launching the Mid-Atlantic Championship (MAC) Series of events as well as the USA Elite Sports Summer Nationals.

    It's everything you've ever wanted in a championship event from USA Softball!  No Individual Player Registration. No ACE Certification. No more batting just nine players. No USA Softball restrictions on courtesy runners.   It's built to be a team friendly, elite level event that is easy to play and qualify for. 

    In order to take part in the MAC, teams must qualify at a qualifying event or be granted an at-large berth.  In our first year, we are looking at qualifying only 18 teams per age group. For more details and information, please check out the MAC's page.


    Why play with USA Elite Softball? 

    • Value. "We Do More For Teams" -  Extremely competitive entry fees, discount offers to teams who sign up early at most events, organizational discounts when two or more of your organization's teams play at the same event, Bownet & Yeti prize packages, free berths,  and fan appreciation drawings.  
    • We employ a "player first" mentality and strive to provide them with a remarkable tournament experience. 
    • We give coaches and teams more control over their prize packages to benefit them where they need it.
    • As a thank you for coming to the park and supporting your daughter, we will be issuing a raffle ticket for door prize with each paid admission.
    • Discounts on entry fees, eligibility for prize packages, and the chance to play at ECU are based on early entry so please check out our Schedule and enter today!

    To view all comments and message, please go to the Message Board located under Team Central.

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